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Our guide is crafted in collaboration with Japanese locals, offering you a unique perspective on this amazing country. We provide access to hidden treasures and authentic places that reflect the true culture and spirit of Japan.
  • Authenticity and Culture
    We emphasize a deep understanding of Japanese culture in your journey, offering experiences and locations close to the hearts of local residents
  • Save Time and Resources
    Efficiently plan your route to avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Unique Places
    Explore corners of Japan that remain unknown to most tourists
What You Will Get
Journey Jikan Guides — this electronic travel guide to Japan is your compass in the world of Japanese culture and beauty. It offers detailed routes, local secrets, and interactive maps.
Detailed and Up-to-Date Information and Routes
  • Includes exclusive routes and secret spots in Japan.
  • Regularly updated information and new attractions.
  • Interactive maps for easy travel planning
Quality and Reliability of Content
  • Thoroughly verified information and tips.
  • Recommendations from experts and local Japanese residents.
  • High-quality visual and textual materials

Support and Convenience for Users:

  • Easy access to the guide anywhere.
  • Detailed instructions and tips for travelers.
  • Ability to provide feedback and share reviews.

Multilingualism and International Appeal

  • Available in 5 languages, including English and Japanese.
  • Suitable for an international audience of travelers.
  • Cultural and language adaptations for various users.
A Comprehensive Guide Model
and Standards for Your Travel Experience
Thematic Travel Guides to Japan
Explore unique aspects of Japanese culture with our specialized guides, tailored to your interests.
Kyushu Onsen Guide
Price: From $10

  • Features: Detailed guide to the best hot springs in Kyushu, including hidden gems and wellness tips.
  • Format: Electronic book with maps and onsen etiquette tips

Gastronomic Tour Guide

Price: From $15

  • Features: A culinary journey through Japan's diverse cuisine, including local specialties and must-visit restaurants.
  • Format: Electronic guide with interactive food and restaurant recommendations.
Hanami Enthusiasts Guide
Price: From $12

  • Features: Comprehensive guide to the best cherry blossom spots, viewing times, and cultural events related to sakura.
  • Format: Interactive electronic guide with maps and seasonal updates.
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If you're a seasoned traveler to Japan, our guides can offer you new insights and hidden gems for a minimal initial cost.

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Stages of Using
the Electronic Travel Guide

Guide Selection

Initial introduction to different types of guides. We'll inform you about the features of each guide and help you choose the most suitable one for you.

Purchase and Access

Discussion and selection of the guide format. Completing the purchase and providing access to the electronic guide.
Travel Planning
Using the guide to plan your journey: exploring routes, attractions, and tips.

Enjoy Your Journey

Practical application of the guide during your trip: discovering new places, cultural enrichment, and a unique travel experience.
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We are creators of a widely acclaimed electronic travel guide to Japan, celebrated for our innovative approach, featured in various travel and cultural publications.
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